How to create user personas as animals in product design for Zara with AI-powered creativity

Belén Loez
4 min readMay 20, 2023

As a product designer, I am constantly seeking innovative ways to understand and connect with users. Recently, I embarked on an exciting journey to create user personas for, combining the power of AI tools to unlock unique insights.

In this article, I will share my experience of using ChatGPT to explore user personas such as animals and MidJourney to create visually compelling images. This creative fusion enabled me to enhance my understanding of Zara’s target audience and bring their personas to life visually captivatingly.

User Personas as Animals: Conversations with ChatGPT

Traditionally, user personas are represented as fictional characters embodying specific characteristics. However, I wanted to inject a touch of creativity into the process. Leveraging ChatGPT’s conversational capabilities, I engaged in interactive dialogues, discussing user personas as animals. This imaginative approach allowed me to visualize the personas with unique traits and personas that resonated deeply with Zara’s diverse audience.

ChatGPT served as a valuable ally, providing detailed insights into the preferences, behaviors, and aspirations of Zara’s customers. Through these conversations, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the different animal personas that would represent various segments of Zara’s target audience. This unconventional yet effective method breathed life into the personas, making them relatable and engaging.

Visualizing the Personas: AI-Generated Images with MidJourney

To further enhance the user personas and create visually appealing representations, I turned to MidJourney, an AI tool specializing in a visual generation. I could generate stunning visuals that perfectly captured the essence of each animal persona.

MidJourney’s advanced algorithms and image recognition capabilities were vital in creating captivating visuals. The tool’s ability to identify fashion trends, styles, and visual aesthetics allowed me to curate images that aligned seamlessly with each animal persona. These visuals brought a unique charm and relatability to the personas, making them instantly recognizable and memorable.

Prompt used with variations:

a thin squirel as a person looking to the camera, inside a fashion shop, wide shot, handsome, attractive, mysterious, interesting background, art by Jean Baptiste Monge, Lisa frank, Boris Vallejo, Wes Anderson style, Symmetrical Frontal Portrait, white predominant, illustrated by Vogue

We got the following results:

1- Fashion-conscious individuals: Peacock — Known for their vibrant and attention-grabbing plumage, peacocks symbolize elegance and beauty, just like fashion-conscious individuals who strive to make a stylish statement.

2- Young adults and professionals: Cheetah — Agile, fast, and sleek, the cheetah represents the energy and ambition of young adults and professionals who are always on the move and strive for success while maintaining a stylish appearance.

3- Urban and city dwellers: City Fox — Agile, adaptable, and street-smart, the city fox embodies the urban lifestyle and resourcefulness of individuals who navigate the bustling cityscape with confidence and style.

4- Budget-conscious shoppers: Squirrel — Known for their resourcefulness and ability to collect and store valuable resources, the squirrel reflects the budget-conscious shoppers who carefully select and save their fashion finds, just as squirrels gather and hoard their nuts.

The Power of Creativity and Data-Driven Design

By combining ChatGPT and MidJourney, I was able to bridge the gap between creativity and data-driven design. The conversations with ChatGPT fueled my imagination, transforming user personas into animal characters that resonated with Zara’s target audience. Simultaneously, MidJourney’s data-driven insights provided a visual dimension to these personas, infusing them with a sense of authenticity and reliability.

This creative fusion of AI tools not only allowed for a deeper understanding of Zara’s users but also facilitated effective communication with stakeholders. The animal personas served as powerful visual metaphors, enabling everyone involved in the design process to grasp the key attributes and aspirations of the target audience effortlessly.

In the realm of product design, embracing creativity and leveraging AI tools can unlock new dimensions of user understanding. By harnessing the conversational power of ChatGPT, I transformed user personas into relatable animal characters, capturing the essence of Zara’s diverse audience. Further enhancing these personas with visually compelling images generated by MidJourney added a layer of authenticity and engagement to the design process.

This creative approach not only facilitates a deeper connection with users but also sparks innovation and collaboration within the design team. By combining AI-driven insights with imaginative thinking, we can deliver products that truly resonate with users, forging stronger bonds and driving exceptional user experiences. Embrace the power of creativity and AI tools to unlock untapped potential in your product design journey.



Belén Loez

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